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Torchwood Rumble - A Different Kind of Icontest
Torchwood Rumble ♦ Rumble Basics ♣ Entries ♥ Voting ♠ Bonus Points
Welcome to torchwoodrumble

A rumble is an icontest similar to a LIMS but without the eliminations. Instead of voting a person out each week everybody stays in for the entire round, earning points each week and winners are decided at the end based on their cumulative scores.

Points are earned each week by entering each challenge, by voting on each challenge and then extra points are awarded to the top 3 placing icons from each challenge. There is also a bonus point to win each week in a special category.

The idea for this community came from firefly_rumble and the rules and guidelines here are adapted from those.

torchwoodrumble is a rumble centered around Torchwood. Challenges will be focused on the show and it's characters.

Layout by brutal

Please read the rules in the profile fully. Rules may vary challenge by challenge, so always make sure to read the challenge post properly.
♣ Each Round consists of 10 challenges
♣ To participate in the challenges you must be signed up for the round and be a member of the community
♣ Points are awarded each week:
♣ 1st Place - 3 points.
♣ 2nd Place - 2 points.
♣ 3rd Place - 1 point
♣ The winner of each weeks Special Category will also recieve 1 point
♣ You can earn one point every week just for participating in a challenge, regardless of whether your icon places or not
♣ You can earn one point each week for voting
♣ You do not have to enter every challenge, however if you miss three challenges in a row you will be disqualified
♣ Cheating will not be tolerated
♥ You must be signed up to enter the challenges
♥ You can submit 1 icon per challenge
♥ Challenges run for one week, starting on a Friday and ending the following Friday. All entries must be in before the cut off time
♥ Entries must be new for the challenge, do not submit old icons
♥ The entries must be your own work
♥ Icons must not be posted anywhere until after voting is over
♥ No animation
♥ Icons must meet LJ standards (≤ 100 x 100, ≤ 40 kb, .jpg, .png, or .gif)
♥ These rules may vary slightly from challenge to challenge so be sure to read the challenge post carefully each week.
♠ Each week there will be a voting period from Saturday to Monday
♠ Vote for your three favourite icons, in order, and the one icon you feel best fits the weeks special category
♠ Everyone can vote, regardless of whether they are a member of the community or not
♠ Participants earn one point each week for voting
♠ It is okay to encourage friends to vote, however you must not tell them which icon is yours or ask them to vote for yours
♠ Do not vote for yourself
♠ If possible please leave feedback for the icons you have voted for, while gushing positives are nice constructive criticism is encouraged. Since you are not voting for icons you do not like there should be no need for negative comments and these will not be passed on.
♠ If a tie should occur there will be a tie-breaker vote
Since this is a new community we need promotion to get members. To encourage promotion there are bonus points to be won by promoting the community during the sign up period.

★ A total of 3 points can be won by promoting the community. This can be done by posting a banner or a link to the community in another journal and then commenting to the sign up post with a link to your promo (or a screencap if the post is locked). Please do not promote in any of the main Torchwood communities - unless you own them yourself - as I will be promoting there are people will get annoyed by hundreds of identical promos. Any journal or community that you yourself own is fine
★ A total of 1 point is available for creating a banner for others to use to promote the community. To do this please comment on the banners post with a link to the banner you have made to earn this point.